Nevada Blood Cleanup Narrative

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Known as one of the Western states in the southwestern area of the United States, Nevada borders on the eastern border of California, the southern border of Oregon, in the southern border of Idaho. As the 34th most populated state, Nevada enjoys a low density compared to 41 of the other states. It ranks at number nine density. Most of the people in Nevada live in Clark County in Clark County is located near Las Vegas in the Paradise Metropolitan district. In fact, Nevada's capital is found in Carson City.

Known as the "silver state" from its history as a silver mining and processing state, this "sagebrush state" became a state as the result of the Civil War. Largely desert in semiarid, some areas of the state are in the Mojave Desert while Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada are found on its western areas. United States military controls a large portion of the state land.

His Native American population includes the pilot, Shoshone, and wash you tribes.