Filthy House Cleanup

Please understand that callers for a filthy house cleaning service have more than a dirty house. Everyone has a dirty house, even Bill Gates. My house remains a dirty house, at least until my dog or one of my three cats poops feces. So as used here, a Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup may involve feces cleanup, but need not. Filthy house has garbage, open cans, bottles, and other debris strewn about. Other cleaning companies do not clean filthy houses, but I do. And I charge for the service, you can bet.

I do not judge others. Besides, I've been in the business for too many years to find profit in judging. I've seen a lot and done a lot of hard, difficult cleaning. In fact, I've cleaned up infectious waste in 24 states, my one claim to fame as a professional cleaner.

What I charge for a Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup

Note to cleaning jobs presents the same challenges. So I must have a range of approaches to my cleaning fees. So note a few examples of how I might price anyone Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup jobs.

Depending on the size and requirements of the cleaning, I may offer a flat fee. I may provide my service charge with an hourly rate included on top of the service charge, or I may offer an hourly rate alone. For those cleaning jobs there my residence, I tend to have greater leeway. For those Beverly Hills cleaning jobs that I must travel and encounter traffic in one direction or the other, or both, I tend to charge much more.

Note: any time that feces is involved filthy housecleaning, I have a minimum service charge of $250. This service charge will include up to one hour of labor. After that, I will charge an additional $50 per hour for three hours of labor. You will pay $400 per filthy house cleanup receiving four hours of my service. I will not work for less. You will not find anyone to work for less, unless you can find a friend, neighbor, or a Beverly Hills stranger to do the cleaning.

I may charge a flat fee for an entire Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup job that I know will take days. Such cleaning will have an "open window" for cleaning, which means that I will take more than one day and as many days as needed. Most often, when this approach becomes necessary, it's because the filthy house cleanup is not a filthy house cleanup. In most cases, it will involve hoarding cleanup.

Hoarding cleanup involves the removal of many types of objects. These objects can be small like cat food cans filed 2 to 3 feet high and a kitchen. Hoarding cleanup may include removal of items as large as king-size mattresses, couches, loveseats, carpeting, books, and so forth. Often when Beverly Hills callers need this service, they do not know how to phrase with a need done. They often confuse or misidentify their needs.
For this reason, we have words like hoarding cleanup and filthy house cleanup. Hoarding cleanup may not be "hoarding cleanup." It may involve organizing clever, but the caller does not realize the difference. Most often, though, my callers need filthy housecleaning combined with hoarding cleanup.

In the case of hoarding cleanup that will take days, I recommend that callers rent a dumpster and have it placed in their driveway. Otherwise, hauling off the hoarder's solid waste becomes too expensive.

At this writing, my last large hoarding cleanup customer at first described the service needed as a "mattress removal." Upon arrival, I discovered that not only did the prospective customer have mattresses to remove, but the bed also served as a death scene over a year before my arrival. A suicide victim had expired and bled out on the mattress. The suicide victim's body had been removed by the Los Angeles County corner here before, which gave the bed over one year to dry out.

More, the master bathroom contained about 4 to 500 pounds of use adult diapers, all soiled by human feces. More interestingly, the toilet contained human feces, and the feces reached a high of about 18 inches above the toilet seat. The feces had dried into a rocklike consistency.

Pricing this work took quite a bit of thought because I could not assure the customer that I could do the job. As it turned out, I charge $1500 for the entire bathroom. I removed the toilet, as well. It also included removing cobwebs from the bathroom but did not include cleaning the whole bathroom. I did scrub and rinse the bathroom floor and disinfectant with bleach to the $1500 for the toilet and diaper removal. I needed to charge for the rest of the house. And for that work, I offered a not to exceed price and a low price.
As a side note, I will charge more for a bathroom in that condition should one come to my attention.

When I offer a low price for a Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup, I will provide a not to exceed quote, and I do not go over this price. I have the freedom to choose a price as work progresses. If I complete the job as anticipated, I can offer a low rate or something near the low estimate. My customer usually knows that I'm trying to be fair, and when I go to the top price, they understand why. They can see what I'm doing and understand the results.
Most importantly, though, they know they will find no one else, no other infectious waste cleanup company to cleanup their Beverly Hills filthy house. Usually, they hire me on the spot. This job, incidentally, cost thousands of dollars in the end. I completed the work more closely to the low price than the not to exceed amount.

Because of travel costs as well as material costs, I must charge a $250 service fee. For this fee, I include up to one hour of labor. Additional hourly charges begin at $40 to $50 per hour, depending upon the conditions. See conditions below.

Defining a Beverly Hills Filthy House

I find that defining my terms helps to clarify what I do and what to expect from my cleaning services.

A Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup most often includes heavy lifting, sorting, scrubbing, rinsing, extracting, and disinfecting. It requires working in conditions that other professional cleaners will not tolerate or cannot tolerate. I cleaned what others will not clean or cannot clean, then. I have 18 years in the Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup business.

A filthy house has feces present, which may include fecal matter from dogs, cats, mice, rats, or birds. It may or may not have garbage. Garbage will consist of open food cans, food droppings, heavily soiled kitchen utensils, and torn food packages. Dirty toilets, swirled bathroom floors, and heavy litter strewn about the residence add to the clutter and objectionable material.

Now, a filthy house cleanup removes garbage, feces, and more, then. It means the house brought to the state of filthiness by waste products like human feces and other animals' poop. So filthy house cleanup may include being a poop cleanup job. A "feces cleanup" job, if you prefer. A filthy house cleanup will also involve garbage or other remnants of eating behavior. Perhaps boxes littering the premises will add to the clutter. In a filthy house, cleanup will include clutter cleanup.

A filthy house cleanup involves making decisions and destroying as part of my thy house cleanup routine moves forward. A filthy house cleanup involves cash payment before work begins because previous customers chose to play games. They "forgot to get money out of the bank." Or, they ask for payment after I had completed their filthy house cleanup task. That's not fair "payment terms," meaning they mistook me for a loan company.

Filthy house cleanup means cleaning what others will not clean. It means working in an environment that maid services refuse to enter, let alone not clean. Filthy house cleanup work frequently includes risk-taking, hazardous work, infectious work. No, it's not biohazardous work unless blood, human blood contaminates the residence. In this case, a Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup also becomes a biohazard cleanup task. (return)

There's more to cleaning up a building after it has gone for an extended time without cleaning maintenance. As a result, the type of work that I do is called "restoration cleaning." This restoration does not bring the residence into a "maid service clean" condition. Another phrase for the type of cleanliness sought for would be called "motel clean." When I complete my filthy house cleaning work, other Beverly Hills cleaning companies will not enter the house, or building, and continue cleaning. They don't do suicide cleanup, either.

If the Beverly Hills responsible party prefers to use my cleaning service to bring the home into what I call a tier 1 level of cleanliness, I'll be happy to help out. My goal is to make money. And I can make money by removing the more substantial and more offensive debris that responsible parties, family members, and friends cannot or will not remove or clean. During my hours of filthy house cleaning, I show the value of my work by removing the most offensive matter one will ever encounter in filthy house cleanup work. I do my best to complete the removal of such material during my agreed-upon work time.

Once completed, responsible parties accept or desire, then they are free to continue the task or not. When I tried to explain above is the reason many people hired me for this type of cleaning.

What I charge for a Beverly Hills filthy house cleanup


What is the difference between a filthy house in a dirty house?

We need to understand that everybody, everybody, on our planet lives in a dirty house. It's a question of relativity. Even the billionaire Koch brothers live in a dirty house. It's just that their house may not be as dirty as my house, and I live in a dirty house I know. My wife and I have four cats and one dog. And herein lies one of the tripwires between a filthy house and a dirty house.

A dirty house may have dust on low levels and high levels, what I call "high and low dust." As logical enough, but you'd be surprised by how many people fail to realize that they have low dust or hide us that anyone time. Most people don't have a working vocabulary for what I call "hygienic cleaning." A dirty house may have cobwebs here and there in the corners.

Then, a dirty house may not have high or low dust, may not have cobwebs, may not even have a dirty sock hidden behind the couch. A dirty house may have a hygienic cleanliness equal to that found in a place like, say, the White House itself. I see that even the White House is dirty if we care to look at what makes dirt, dirt. Stuff that is out of place is often referred to as "dirty." And I'm certain that the United States White House as dirt at some point, at some level, at some hour of anyone day of the year. It's the nature of microorganisms that brings us "dirt."

If what I say were not true, then we would not have what are called "clean rooms" kept by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for working on satellites and spaceships. Microchip manufacturers would not keep clean rooms for producing microchips used in our computers and even our cell phones. So I say that without efforts to keep clean rooms, which are quite expensive, it's difficult to find a clean room; if the room is not clean, that it's dirty; hence, we all live in a dirty house.


Often times there will be heavy clutter and debris in a garage. It's best to have this removed when the dumpster is present because any time after the dumpster has left the premises leaves the family in a pinch. So get all of your waste material out when the dumpster is present. One other reason to keep a dumpster in the driveway is that it helps protect the dumpster from those freeloaders looking for a place to toss their own waste materials.


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Who Calls for Beverly Hills Filthy House Cleaning Services?

Callers for my filthy housecleaning services sometimes include elderly women living alone. They may have two or three cats. They no longer have a spouse, if there had a spouse. If they had children, the children live in another state, or the caller prefers that the children not know about the condition of their home. Typically, these female callers will have medical issues.

Male callers for my filthy house cleanup services will have a similar situation. Although, or often than not, they will have no family. They will have a medical condition and may be semi-mobile. They may be confined to a wheelchair. They will find going to the toilet difficult, and often times will need feces cleanup services as well as filthy housecleaning. If they hoard, their hoarding will include food related items.

Real estate agencies will sometimes call for my filthy housecleaning services. In their case, either renters will have abuse the rental property, or homeless people would've gotten into a vacated rental building. In either case, the filthy housecleaning work will include feces cleanup times.

Family members of a filthy house resident was sometimes call me clean for their parents or siblings. In these cases I clean the residence while the residence is occupied or in the hospital. His goals often come when family members from out of state learn of their loved ones hospitalization. When they arrived at the residence they discovered that they needed professional cleaning help.

At times toilets will have been used even though water was turned off to the building. In such cases, I charge $350 to remove the feces. I charge more when I must bring water or electricy or both. If the toilet does not work so that I can pour the fecal matter back down the sanitary sewer, I charge $500 per toilet.

Questions I ask and Conditions

  • Who will pay and how?
  • Who will let me in the house and when?
  • What is the earliest time that I can begin?
  • Is there parking?
  • Is there water and electricity
  • Does the toilet work?