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Blood cleanup for San Diego County residents should not cost thousands of dollars. My San Diego County blood cleanup services usually cost anywhere between $500-$900. Sometimes my blood cleanup fees will reach $1600 following a violent death by shotgun or other powerful weapons. Even then, my blood cleanup fees are usually thousands of dollars lower than my San Diego County competitors.
My prices are lower because I do not need to pay 10% kickback fees to the county employee who has referred families to my competitor blood cleanup companies. Also, because I do my own work, San Diego's families and businesses save thousands of dollars. It has been this way since I started my blood cleanup business over 17 years ago. Below I list some of my observations about blood cleanup and related issues.

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Blood cleanup work for dramatic blood loss requires more than the typical cleaning tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions. Also, because of the traffic congestion and parking issues in San Diego County, I must consider not only the materials I need for blood cleanup work, but the time and distance to each blood cleanup service call address. For this reason I ask a host of questions when I can while on the telephone with callers for my cleaning services. I also ask for an email from the responsible party confirming Allen when payment will be made. I would not have these questions unless they helped both callers and myself.

Questions that I sometimes ask - -

On the telephone I will ask a number of questions and I try to keep it short and to the point. No matter if you want my service are you choose to do the work yourself, or perhaps you've already hired another blood cleanup company and simply want to know what to expect from them. I merely answer questions.

Here's questions that I ask about cleaning up after homicide, suicide, unattended death, decomposition cleanup, and other blood cleanup related questions.

  • Can you tell me which city?
  • Can you tell me about parking?
  • Can you tell me who will pay and how?
  • Can you tell me if a house, condominium, apartmenent, mobile home, or recreational vehicle needs blood cleanup service?
  • Can you tell me which room or rooms will need blood cleanup service?
  • Can you tell me when work can begin?
  • Can you tell me if pets and/or children will be present?

Here's some more conditions to think about.

Time? (Early is better.)
Indoors or Outdoors
Working Sewer System?
Children, Adults, Animals Present?
Carpet Involved?
Bed Involved?
Toilet Involved?


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What I Do

  • I prefer to arrive at least one hour early and then find a local restaurant or Home Depot to rest. I returned to the address and knock on the door and almost the exact moment of the cleaning appointment. I do this to relax while driving as this type of driving is referred to as "the secret to driving." Which is, to leave early. In this way I'm not only relaxed and ready to go to work, I have moments before work begins to do last-minute shopping if needed.
  • I make a point of handing my business card when greeted at the door. In this way the responsible party has my name and address as well as my California promising practitioner license number in their hand. This helps to relax my clients I've learned.
  • It's important to first review the soiled areas. Just give me an idea what cleaning solutions and tools and equipment will be required.


  1. Parking close to my work is important because I must carry tools, equipment, and cleaning chemicals. There are also security issues at times. Will I need to park in the basement? This is important to know before hand because if I drive a van, my van rides fairly high.
  2. Time? I'm flexible when it comes to time, but I prefer to work early in the day. By starting work early, I can leave my home early and thereby miss a lot of rush-hour traffic. But I can accommodate families and businesses in need my blood cleanup services later in the day.
  3. Indoors or Outdoors - - Sometimes it's a good idea to know beforehand if will be cleaning indoors or outdoors. In the past I found that while cleaning outdoors might abuse the power washer in some cases. It's important to know though, that we cannot just flush human blood down the sidewalk and into the street. Although, this was the procedure not so long ago. And it still done by some fire departments across the country.
  4. Electricity? - - Most often electricity is available, but it doesn't hurt ask. I can bring along a generator to generate electricity if needed. I have in the past clean in the high desert where there was no running water or electricity. I cleaned and abandoned homes that have not had electricity and months. San Diego County electricity contriubutes some part to the rise of Killer Oceans.
  5. Water? - - Just as I've cleaned in high desert without electricity, I've cleaned in high desert as well as low deserts, deep in the mountains, and in buildings four stories high. And all the while I cleaned in these environments without water. So it's important to know before hand so that I can bring water in 5 gallon bottles.
  6. Working Sewer System? - - It's important to know if there's a working sewer system because I can flush some trauma scene debris down the toilet. It is always my first choice the flush blood down the toilet whenever possible. If you doing it yourself, and I do have a page on do it yourself blood cleanup, then be sure to use the toilet. Just be careful not to cause the toilet to plug up.
  7. Children, Adults, Animals Present? - - I like to know who's going to be present during cleaning. I prefer to use a side door back door so that I do not disturb residents. It's good to know if pets are in the building two. Pets can become a real problem when I moving in and out that the building.
  8. Carpet Involved? - - It's good to know beforehand if the carpet is involved. We no longer clean carpets that have been soiled by human blood. Each is no way to do a blood cleanup for carpet that's been soaked with blood. The blood must be cut out, the carpet must be properly handle and disposed of. It is my practice to use bleach on carpets that have been soiled by blood. Just the same, carpet goes into a black bag and then a red bag as needed.
  9. Bed Involved? - - Bloods soaked bed which often occur occurs following a suicide or unattended death upon a mattress require special handling. The mattress must be "reduce" in this means to remove the blood and other potentially infectious materials. Once done, the mattress can be removed from the premises. Likewise, sheets, pillowcases, pillows, and blood soaked blankets can be removed. In some cases families will want to keep some of the blood soaked materials, which is not recommended. But in some cases where there is slight blood spray, these items can be placed in a washing machine for washing on hot with a lot of soap and bleach.
  10. Understanding the Risks of Human Blood Cleanup in San Diego County - -
  11. Odors from blood, death scenes, are not hazardous to human health. At worse, these odors will cause nausea in people who are unfamiliar to the many fragrances associated with death cleanup. So if a San Diego County blood cleanup company employee told you that these odors are dangerous, they were either misinformed or lying. Sometimes police officers will say something like this, "you need to get somebody in here to clean this up." Whether they think the odors are dangerous or not, we cannot know. It is my feeling that they recommend a professional blood cleanup practitioner because the suppose it's a horrific scene. As such, it may be possible to experience some kind of psychological trauma. Otherwise, I don't know why people say that these scenes are dangerous.
  12. There are dangers to the blood cleanup practitioner at times. Most serious among these dangers are a puncture wound from an object soiled by human blood. Course there's always blood splash, but blood splash is rare. The most risky part of any cleaning project, whether in a home, hospital, medical clinic, dental office, or other environment with human blood exposure, there is always a risk. The risk is from contamination by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and possibly other issues. Among these would be something terrible like bola, but where a bowl is current, I would not expect any went into the building once medical authorities were aware of the situation. Not anyone can do blood cleanup were Ebola is present, in any case.

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California blood cleanup information available here is free of charge.


I also have a Los Angeles County crime scene cleanup page for more information. Here's a Power washing service and not a blood Los Angeles Country blood related page. Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Ventura County

Notice: If a San Diego County Coroner employee refers you to a blood cleanup company, you are about to be cheated; county employees cannot legally enrich themselves from their employment and that's what these blood cleanup referrals do. San Diego County employees receive a 10 percent kickback for each family or business they refer to a blood cleanup company. Sometimes they own part of these blood cleanup companies if not the entire company.


San Diego County residential, business, industrial blood cleanup service information:

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Alpine Bonita Borrega Springs Campo Cardiff Cardiff-by-the-Sea Carlsbad Chula Vista Coronado Del Mar El Cajon
Encinitas Escondido
receives a lot more blood related service than other San Diego County cities, and I cannot explain why.

Fallbrook Hillcrest Imperial Imperial Beach Jamul Julian La Mesa Lakeside Lemon Grove Leucadia Live Oak Springs Mission Bay National City Oceanside Pacific Beach Pala Point Loma Poway

Please do not misunderstand what I am saying here. Not even by a tiny bit, do I mean to imply that San Diego County Sheriff-Corner employees are the only county employees in California involved in cronyism, deceiving victims families. My experience over the last 17 years tells me that most if not all California County Sheriff-County Coroner departments have corner employees involved in and clean up cronyism. This is to say, those employees in contact with families in need of blood cleanup services are suspect.

No, not all of these county corner employees in contact with victims families are involved in blood cleanup cronyism, but enough to have an iron grip monopoly over blood cleanup throughout California. How else, can we explain advertising on the Internet not receiving telephone calls regularly, routinely, and patterns? We would at least expect telephone calls on holidays other times when the need for blood cleanup rises.

But no, San Diego County is all the other counties in California remain silent when it comes to calls for blood cleanup help. This is true about 99% of the time throughout the year. So if we do the math for 95 to 99% 365 we come up with blood cleanup calls for one cleanup services roughly 10 to 20 calls per year. These calls are for blood cleanup services involving suicides and unattended deaths in most cases. Rarely do homicide one cleanup calls arrived.

Now, if the reader thinks that I merely need to advertise with pay-per-click advertising, they are mistaken. I have done this many times throughout the years and to no avail. When I receive is an increase in spam telephone calls in which the caller hangs up. Or I received harassing telephone calls. And then, to my chagrin, I received many clicks on my pay per click advertising. You may think that this is not so and you may test that. Your outcome will be pretty much as mine, but these situations do change over time. When I can say, is that I advertise the route California and received very few calls for blood cleanup services. Is only one explanation of this point and you can apply Occam's razor or parsimony at this point, which is what I do.

Yep California Sheriff-Coroner employees have a monopoly over who gets blood cleanup calls in the blood cleanup business in California. Note too that I have cleaned in 24 states if we count California is one of those twenty-four states.

One time I had 2000 websites covering the entire United States. As a crime scene cleanup broker, I received telephone calls routinely from around the country. I would then refer these callers to select blood cleanup companies that had chosen to do business with me. This is free enterprise by the way, and not a form of semi-fascist government controlled capitalism. This type of free enterprise no longer exists in the blood cleanup industry throughout the United States. If it did, I would live in whatever county or counties still had an open and free market in the blood cleanup business. That is the way it is and has been most of my years in the blood cleanup business.

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